Seasonal Essentials Starter Pack

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The seasons are changing, leaves are beginning to fall, and you’re starting to wonder how you’re going to get through the cooler months! Deciding what products you need to prepare for the change in season just got easier!

We’ve included Easy Air, Easy Air Touch and Easy Air Clear Drops so you don’t need to choose your favourite way to enjoy this refreshing, clear blend. You can diffuse Easy Air, roll Easy Air Touch on your chest and bottom of your feet and enjoy the delicious taste of the Easy Air Clear Drops all at the same time! 

Don’t worry- we didn’t forget everyone’s other favourite- On Guard! On Guard Touch and On Guard Sanitising Mist are ideal tools at this time of the year, especially when you’re out and about! 

Peppermint for an afternoon pick-me-up when the weather is gloomy, Eucalyptus for its invigoration and vitality, Tea Tree for its fresh scent when it’s too cold to let the fresh air in and Lavender because who doesn’t love a warm, cosy bedtime routine before snuggling up and drifting off?!

In case you want a bit more information about what’s in your new Seasonal Essentials Wellness Box, we’ve also included a Wellness Card, so you have everything you need to get the most out of your new oils! 


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