Pink Apophyllite Cluster

Apophyllite crystals have a calming effective, they are an effective stress reducer, and they can help to release mental blockages and negative thought patterns. 

Emotionally, Apophyllite releases suppressed emotions. It helps to overcome anxiety, worries, and fears. It helps to calm apprehension and allows uncertainty to be tolerated. Spiritually this stone calms and ground the spirit. It has strong links to the spiritual realm, while at the same time allowing you to feel comfortable within your own body. 

Apophyllites are regarded as an excellent stone to assist in Reiki healing as they can help take the patient into a deeper state of relaxation to be more receptive to the pure healing energy.

Pink Apophyllites are very rare and hard to come by.

Height: 3cm (approx)
Width:10 cm (at widest point)
Length: 10cm